My Story

I, like others before me, believe that we all have the potential to fly.
Together, we can scale all the heights you’ve imagined.

Hey, I am
Abdul Qavi

I’m an entrepreneur and business strategist with a global mindset. My mission: to empower students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business owners to amplify their impact through strategic action.
Since my school days, I’ve aspired to do creative things, help others, and instigate meaningful change in the world. Passionate about innovation, science & technology, and learning by doing, I also hold a special place in my heart for travel and the unique perspectives it provides.
My core beliefs are rooted in curiosity, experiential learning, sustainability, and gratitude. I draw ideas from life’s vast canvas and ingeniously apply them to businesses, nurturing enterprises that exert a positive social impact while meeting our financial and mental needs.
I thrive on collaboration, contributing and creating value to advance positive social change and the growth of innovative ideas. Let’s embark on this journey to reshape the world one step at a time.
Perhaps you’re wondering about the journey that shaped these beliefs, the milestones that marked my path, or the inspirations that sparked my vision. If you have a moment, I invite you to join me on this exploration of my life’s work thus far. If you’re in a hurry, feel free to leap to how we might work together. Either way, I’m delighted you’re here, and I can’t wait to explore the potential of our future collaborations.

The Road So Far

An Odyssey of Learning and Leading
My fascination with science and technology was sparked in my family environment where education and ethics were held in high regard. This passion led me to pursue an Engineering degree from the esteemed Integral University, and this choice was where my journey truly began. As I explored the world of science, the arena of business strategies intrigued me, setting the stage for my later pursuit of an MBA from the same institution.
My foray into the entrepreneurial world, filled with ventures and projects, saw both exhilarating highs and humbling lows. Each step – successes, failures, and everything in between – taught me resilience and the value of learning from experiences. This rollercoaster journey refined my skills and understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
One milestone in my journey was the startup project, on innovative solution for tumour cell treatment using nutrition-implemented magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs). This significant research project, a collaborative effort with my dear friends Asif Razzaq, Deepak Patel, and Intezar Ahmad Siddiqui, and under the guidance of our mentor, Dr Sajid Khan, gained recognition from the Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE) and the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India in 2011. The accolade reinforced my faith in innovation’s power to effect positive change.
My collaborations with numerous educational institutions to organize science events, international conferences, and seminars provided a platform for youth to express their creativity and innovation. This engagement brought me close to thousands of youth, and I was fortunate to travel across India with them on various educational tours. The experience not only widened my perspectives but also deepened my commitment to fostering the next generation of innovators and leaders.
The Covid-19 pandemic marked a significant chapter in my personal and professional journey. It was a period of intense struggle, with the loss of my mother being the most challenging ordeal. My faith in Allah SWT was my beacon during these dark times, guiding me to continue my mission of helping others realize their potential.
In 2022, I co-founded Rasmal, a testament to my ongoing commitment to entrepreneurship and positive social impact. This venture, like others before it, embodies my passion for creating value, driving change, and fostering continuous learning.
In every phase of my journey, the guiding principle has been to create a positive impact, make a difference, and learn ceaselessly. Each day offers a thrilling adventure filled with knowledge and opportunities to grow. It’s a journey I am incredibly grateful for, and the excitement of what lies ahead never ceases to inspire.
As we traverse this path together, I invite you to delve deeper into my professional experiences, including entrepreneurship, education, and beyond. Let’s continue this journey of exploration in the next section.

Work Wise

Entrepreneurship, Education and Beyond
  • 1
    Entrepreneurial Journey

    Embarking on this journey over a decade ago, I've been immersed in fostering growth and innovation across multiple domains. My expertise spans product development, business expansion, operations, and more. Additionally, I've shared insights via guest lectures and workshops, continually promoting entrepreneurial culture.

  • 2
    Strategy Consulting

    As a Consultant, my role spans fostering growth across varied industries and educational institutions. My entrepreneurial mindset, strategic skills, and dedication to knowledge-sharing guide my approach. Open to consulting assignments, I aim to use my expertise to empower businesses and institutes alike. Let's drive success together.

  • 3
    Rasmal Inc

    Rasmal Inc, co-founded by us in 2022, redefines content creation through storytelling and IT. Offering Growth Marketing and Digital PR, we act as enablers and connectors for startups and businesses in the vibrant MENA region. This enriches my perspective on venture-building.

  • 4
    EduTrips and Mentoro

    My initial ventures were in educational travel (EduTrips) and consulting (Mentoro). Gearing up to relaunch with enhanced mentoring, experiential learning, and unique journeys. Symbolising my dedication to inspiring and educating through distinct experiences.

  • 5
    Diverse Professional Pathways

    A strategist, distributor, leader - I've donned many hats in my career. My roles at TCS iON, VectorZilla, and MicroStock, were filled with the chance to shape go-to-market strategies, staff training, and marketing efforts. I pride myself on having left an indelible mark at each junction.

  • 6
    Ready to Collaborate

    With expertise and a well-rounded skill set spanning from startups, EdTech to L&D, PR, travel management, and non-profit governance, I'm geared to catalyse your organisation's success journey. Don't hesitate to reach out; let's create impactful stories together.

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In Pursuit of Excellence

A Commitment to Learning, Service, and Excellence

I received the 2017 Founder's Award by IUAA for excellence in education/entrepreneurship. I was also conferred with the Swami Vivekananda National Service Award for social initiatives, voluntary work, and community service.

Giving Back

Giving back to society tops my list of priorities. I was an active member of different societies and served in various posts during college. I also had the honour of working as a National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteer for over four years.

Through My Lens - A Glimpse into My Journey

Explore my journey through captured moments, where each photograph tells a story of passion, resilience, and transformation.

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